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Modifying parenting plans for the school year

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | family law and divorce | 0 comments

As the school year begins in Michigan, divorced parents of school-aged children can benefit from reviewing their current parenting plan and making updates. Keeping your child’s best in mind and working through contingencies that address schedule changes and unexpected circumstances can become challenging. We often help clients develop flexible parenting plans as part of their divorce proceedings.

According to Divorce Magazine, if you have an existing parenting agreement in place, review it to ensure it still meets your child’s needs.

Schedule changes

Whether your child is on-site or part of a distance learning program, a change in circumstances may require a parenting plan modification. Communicating with your ex and working out the most likely scenarios can benefit everyone. Establishing a new routine that involves extracurricular activities can bring up concerns about transportation and arranging during or after school care. Talking with your child and addressing the issues in an age-appropriate manner can help get them on board with a new schedule faster.

New Expenses

This school year may look very different from previous years. The tools your child needs may require reliable internet access, a computer and a separate workspace set aside just for them. Additional school supplies that may be new for you include specialized software, earphones and a printer. In situations where your child spends time in two households, ensuring they have full access to the tools they need is imperative for their success.

If communication between you and your ex is challenging, an unbiased third party may help you work out a new schedule or a parenting plan. The goal is taking steps that help your child have a fantastic school year, regardless of what form their learning takes