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Planning your estate involves more than just drafting a will

While many clients we see may have sat down and drafted a will at some point in time, few have taken time to plan their estates.

As part of the estate planning process, it's often important do a more comprehensive inventory of your assets and to draft additional documentation. By doing so, you'll rest assured knowing that your assets are earmarked for the intended heir and that there's little chance of your will being contested.

Social Security and Medicare are slowly becoming bankrupt

On June 9, the Social Security Administration (SSA) issued an alarming warning to many who received benefits from them. They announced that this year marks the first time in nearly 36 years that they've had to dip into their reserve fund to be able to properly compensate those who were slated to receive benefits this year.

They warn that, unless lawmakers do something to help them, then the SSA may be forced to cut many recipient's monthly benefits by as much as 23 percent by the year 2034.

Chronic pain and your inability to hold gainful employment

When a Michigan employee is unable to work due to a medical condition, he or she could be eligible for certain types of financial support available through the Social Security Administration. This is also true for you if you are a person who is struggling with issues related to a chronic pain disorder.

Complex regional pain syndrome is an illness that does not have many outward symptoms, but it can have a significant impact on your life. This type of illness can leave you dealing with significant pain and make it difficult for you to do things, such as work and participate in your regular daily activities.

What's a broker's role in a real estate transaction?

If you're selling your home, then you've likely heard the words "realtor" and "broker" thrown around. While you may readily think of the person who you contact to either buy or sell a home as a realtor, you may not know what the role of the broker is.

A real estate broker can do many of the same things that a realtor can. They are licensed to list homes, draft purchase contracts for both commercial and residential properties and land to negotiate deals.

Why prenups are important for any couple to have

When many hear the words "prenuptial ageement," they immediately think of celebrities and other high-profile people. Many average folks don't think they have anything worth any value to protect with a prenup. This isn't true, though.

In the media, we often hear about how celebrities use prenups to list their different assets they bring into a marriage as a way of protecting them from having to split them up with their husband or wife if they divorce them. Prenuptial agreements can be used for so much more though.

Why you should have a health care directive in place

If you've looked into doing any estate planning, then you've likely heard the terminology "living will" thrown about. It's also known as a health care directive as well.

No matter what name you call it, it has one primary purpose, which is to serve as a way for an individual to express his or her personal preferences as it relates to the medical care that he or she wishes to receive under specific circumstances. In most cases, a living will can only be invoked when the person who drafted it either becomes permanently unconscious or is unable to make his or her own decisions about the medical care as he or she suffers from a terminal illness.

How is child visitation handled in Wayne County?

In Michigan, each county sets their own gudelines that parents must follow with respect to having visitation with their kids. Residents of Wayne County, Michigan, are expected to follow Court of Common Pleas Title 18 rules.

Under these rules, both parents are expected to enjoy liberal visitation with their shared child. Whatever schedule is agreed to must be reasonable for the number of children involved, how old they are and have one parent that lives to the next. Any agreed-to schedules should seek to give both parents ample enough time with their child and to limit the exchange of them back and forth.

How to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance

Most of us either personally know someone or have heard of someone who suffered such serious injuries at some point in their lives that they no longer are able to work as they once did.

If you've heard about them receiving a check each month to help them with their expenses, then it's likely that it's Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) that they're getting. It's a benefit extended to Americans who are unable to work due to injury or illness. It's intended to help replace income that they lost.

Getting ready to file for Social Security Disability benefits?

The inability to work and earn a living can be a frustrating and overwhelming prospect for you and your Michigan family. It is disheartening to find yourself in a place where you can no longer meet the demands of your job due to a medical issue or physical injury.

If you find yourself in this position, your financial well-being is at stake. You may be able to seek disability benefits, but it is smart to carefully prepare for the process of applying for and seeking the financial support you need. There are several things you need to gather and get ready as you prepare to pursue these benefits.

Why do homeowners short sale their homes?

Right now across many areas of the United States, house prices are once again on the rise. It's because of this that many prospective homeowners find themselves in a bit of a bidding war, competing to offer the best price to get their hands on their dream homes.

While many areas are experiencing an uptick in their current real estate market, this trend hasn't swept every single area yet nor should it be expected to do so. In some areas, many homeowners continue to find themselves desperate to sell their homes, yet find themselves fielding offers that are far below what they still owe on their mortgages.