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Trusted Guidance Through Probate

Do you feel like you are in over your head trying to administer your loved one’s estate? This can be extremely overwhelming for anyone trying to make sure their loved one’s intentions are followed. While you deal with the emotional loss of your loved one, an experienced attorney can help ensure the estate plan is administered correctly.

Helping You Through The Steps Involved In Probate Administration

At the law offices of Robert D. Paulbeck, Attorney at Law, we have extensive experience administering estates involving a modest and significant amount of assets. We understand this can be a draining and emotionally overwhelming time. Estate administration attorney Robert Paulbeck offers a compassionate approach to help alleviate any stress. He will walk you through the steps that need to be addressed at your pace in an effort to make this process as smooth as possible.

Understandably, you may feel overwhelmed trying to understand how to administer a loved one’s estate plan. Contact our probate law firm in Trenton, Michigan, to schedule a free initial consultation. We can help make sure all the details are in order to take the guess work out of estate administration.

Offering Experienced Estate Administration Services

In Michigan, probate is designed to transfer the assets listed in a will or another estate planning document properly to beneficiaries. This is also the process used to pay creditors their debts. This may seem like a straightforward process but there are very specific laws and time limits involved in administering an estate. If you are responsible for administering your loved one’s estate, we can guide you through the process to make sure all the details are covered.

Probate attorney Robert Paulbeck has 30 years of experience representing personal representatives and trustees in probate administration. He can work with you to help make sure all the legal parameters are followed correctly such as:

  • Closing and transferring personal banking accounts and assets
  • Filing the last will and testament with the probate court
  • Filing probate documents with the court
  • Valuing and appraising assets left in the estate
  • Paying the remaining debts to creditors
  • Processing life insurance benefits
  • Filing state and federal tax returns
  • Paying income taxes and estate taxes

We can help you avoid the potential for a probate dispute by making sure all the details are covered appropriately. When family members become disgruntled or believe their loved one’s intentions were not followed correctly, disputes can quickly erupt. Attorney Robert Paulbeck can help make sure everything is in order to mitigate the potential for litigation.

Contact A Skilled Trenton Estate Administration Lawyer

You may never have expected to be responsible for administering your loved one’s estate. This can add additional anxiety to grieving the loss of your loved one. We want to help make this legal process as smooth as possible. Contact our law firm in Trenton, Michigan, for a free consultation and learn how we can guide you through all the steps involved. Call us at 734-800-2699.