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Downriver Spousal Support Attorney

As a seasoned family law attorney in Trenton, Michigan, serving the entire Downriver region, I understand the complexities and emotional strain that divorce proceedings bring to individuals. With over 35 years of dedicated legal practice, I have worked with hundreds of clients dealing with the often sensitive issue of spousal support. I provide the helpful advice and committed advocacy you need to work toward a fair outcome.

When facing the end of a marriage, the question of financial support can be both crucial and challenging for both sides. If you were the primary or sole breadwinner, you could be worried about being forced to pay more alimony than you can afford. If you did not work during the marriage, you could need assurance that your standard of living will not be affected until you can return to the workforce.

I bring a wealth of experience in family law to the table, helping my clients in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, and Washtenaw counties to understand their rights and obligations. In every alimony case, my aim is to offer you steadfast legal assistance that paves the way for a stable future.

Understanding Spousal Support In Michigan

Spousal support, often referred to as alimony, is financial assistance that one spouse may be required to pay to the other following a divorce. In Michigan, this is not a guaranteed part of the divorce settlement but is determined based on numerous factors, including the length of the marriage, the parties’ age and health, and their ability to work.

There are two primary types of alimony: temporary and permanent. Temporary spousal support is awarded during the divorce process, providing stability until a final decision is made. More rarely, permanent alimony is awarded. Courts generally reserve permanent alimony for cases where the recipient spouse has little to no work experience, and their age, health, education and so on make it unlikely they will ever get the education and work experience to become financially independent.

How I Can Help With Your Spousal Support Case

Whether you are seeking spousal support or are faced with a claim for alimony from your spouse, you deserve a Downriver spousal support lawyer who will strive to reach a reasonable outcome for your case. As your Wayne County alimony attorney, I will work closely with you to understand the specifics of your situation and to advocate for your interests.

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