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Dedicated Divorce Attorney

Whether you saw red flags or were blindsided, ending a marriage is rarely easy. The emotional issues involved can become magnified when legal issues need to be addressed. You may have fears about the unknown but an experienced divorce attorney can help you face the future knowing your best interests will be protected.

Decades Of Experience Helping Clients Untangle Complex Divorce Issues

At the law offices of Robert D. Paulbeck, Attorney at Law, we are committed to helping you start the next chapter of your life on the right footing. Our Trenton divorce lawyer, Robert Paulbeck, has 30 years of experience helping clients throughout southeast Michigan untangle the personal and financial issues stemming from a divorce. He seeks to protect his clients’ best interests without adding fuel to potentially contentious situations.

Often, he is able to use alternative dispute resolution methods to help clients resolve family law disputes in an amicable and cost-effective manner outside of trial. He will tailor his approach based on your needs and will not shy away from trial, if that is in your best interests.

While you may feel like your life is spiraling out of control, an experienced divorce attorney can help you regain control. Contact our family law firm in Trenton, Michigan, to learn how we can help you rebuild your life and protect your interests during a free initial consultation.

Offering A Client-Driven Approach To Protect Your Best Interests

Just as every family is unique, no two divorces are the same. Our Trenton divorce lawyer has handled hundreds of cases but will not jump into your case pretending to know everything. He will work with you to understand all the dynamics involved and your concerns about:

After taking the time to understand your situation, he will explain how the law applies to your case, whether you are dealing with a significant amount of assets or debts. Mr. Paulbeck is especially sensitive to the emotional needs of children involved in a divorce. Decisions need to be made in their best interests, but parents often clash over what would be in their children’s best interests.

When this happens, Mr. Paulbeck works with clients to establish creative solutions that address both parties’ concerns. No matter what conflicts you are facing, attorney Robert Paulbeck will work with you to develop an approach that effectively resolves your concerns.

Contact Our Experienced Custody Dispute Lawyer

Even if you and your estranged spouse are on amicable terms, you cannot afford to deal with your divorce without an experienced family law attorney on your side. Untangling the issues involved in a divorce can be highly complicated. Contact our Wayne County divorce law firm to learn how we can help make sure all the details are addressed correctly. We will listen to your concerns, and we offer a free initial consultation to help you begin sorting through the issues involved. Call us at 734-692-3225.