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Understanding The Application Process For SSDI

Last updated on October 10, 2023

When it comes to filing for Social Security Disability benefits, the process can be extremely complicated. Although it feels like a daunting task, it’s important not to get discouraged. This is something you are entitled to, and we are here to help. Robert D. Paulbeck, Attorney at Law, has helped clients throughout Michigan for 30 years.

What You Can Expect

In general, the same process is in place for everyone who applies. It goes as follows:

  • The initial application – Filing for benefits while providing evidence and supporting documentation. This process often takes between six to eight months, and sometimes longer. Many claims get denied at this stage. Providing accurate and detailed information at the beginning can increase odds of an early approval and this is where our knowledge and experience comes into play.
  • Reconsideration – If your claim is denied, we have 60 days to file an appeal. During the appeal process we will help you provide more supporting evidence to Social Security, proving you are in need of assistance. This stage can take between six to eight months, and sometimes longer.
  • A formal hearing – If your reconsideration is denied, we have 60 days to do another appeal and request a hearing. A judge will listen to your reasoning for filing and can either approve or deny your claim. It can take four to six months to receive a hearing date, and sometimes longer. Once your hearing is held it can take two to three months to get the Judge’s decision, and sometimes longer.
  • Appeals council – If the Judge denies your claim and we see that the Judge made an error of law when making the decision, we may agree to file another appeal. This process takes approximately 18 months before a decision is issued, and sometimes longer.
  • Federal district court – If your claim is denied by the appeals council, you can file one more appeal with the Federal District Court.

It’s understandable to be intimidated by this process, but don’t feel defeated. We are here to help keep it moving.

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