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Trenton Real Estate Contracts & Closings Attorney

For many people, buying or selling real estate is the largest transaction in which they will participate. Working with an attorney can ensure the process runs smoothly and helps eliminate possible errors or oversights. At Robert D. Paulbeck, Attorney at Law, we work with buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property throughout the metro Detroit area.

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A Local Professional You Can Trust

With 30 years of experience, we understand Michigan residential and commercial real estate law. Working with a lawyer can help ensure your transaction goes smoothly. To protect your rights, attorney Robert Paulbeck will:

  • Check all contracts and leases, the offer to purchase, the seller disclosure statement, the title insurance, mortgage documentation and closing papers.
  • Review all your documents before you sign them, and explain them to ensure you know what you’re signing.
  • Help you find the tools needed if you want to leave property to your kids, including warranty deeds and quit-claim deeds.
  • Appear at the closing with you.
  • Represent you in litigation related to property issues.

Avoid Property Disputes

Our attention to detail regarding your real estate transaction can help avoid potential property disputes. However, we also represent individuals and commercial entities that are engaged in property disputes. Whatever your dispute, our experience can help to rectify the situation.