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Social Security disability changes proposed by lawmakers

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2015 | Firm News, Social Security Administration News | 0 comments

Many Michigan residents suffer from physical as well as mental disabilities that have led to unemployment or the inability to seek gainful employment. Of course, that can cause the entire family to struggle financially. For all such residents as well as their families, financial adversities are exacerbated due to expensive medical care needed for the disabled resident. Social Security Disability benefits awarded by the government may be beneficial for most of those families.

Many lawmakers in the federal government have suggested that the amount of money being spent on Social Security Disability benefits cost too much. Republican senators have even proposed to eliminate many of the new Social Security disability programs currently being provided under President Barrack Obama.

In many cases, Social Security Disability benefits have fallen short due to the fiscal deficit. This, however, poses a great threat to all current Social Security Disability beneficiaries as well as all future disability claimants. The proposal further talks about not diverting any revenue from the survivors’ insurance or even old age insurance into Social Security Disability benefits. This may make the situation even worse next year when the disability claimants may see considerably lower disability payments.

It may be beneficial for Social Security Disability benefits claimants in Michigan to get more information in order to understand the legal and financial repercussions of these new proposals. The Democrats under the leadership of President Obama believe that cutting back on Social Security Disability benefits may adversely affect the lives of 37 million Americans.

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