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Does your condition warrant faster processing of your SSDI claim?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

When your disability or condition makes it impossible for you to work and support yourself, you may look to the government for help. The process of gaining approval for Social Security Disability Insurance from the U.S. Social Security Administration is not always a fast one. However, you may be able to have your application processed more quickly if you have a particular medical condition.

Per AARP, the SSA has something called a compassionate allowances program, and it maintains a database of about 242 medical conditions that may lead to a faster processing time of your SSDI application. If your condition is one that falls on this list, you may be able to hear back from the SSA within days, as opposed to months, of submitting your application for benefits.

Cancers that may fast-track your SSDI claim

You may be able to have the SSA expedite its processing of your SSDI claim if you have a form of fast-progressing cancer. Cancers that fall on the SSA compassionate allowances list include some types of breast, kidney and bladder cancers. If you have esophageal cancer, liver cancer or non-small-cell lung cancer, among other types, your condition may also warrant a fast-track decision from the SSA.

Other conditions that may fast-track your SSDI claim

Numerous other conditions may also get you a faster decision about SSDI benefits. Some rare genetic disorders fall on the compassionate allowances list. Some immune system and neurogenerative conditions do as well. The SSA’s website maintains a full list of all conditions that may speed up the processing of your SSDI claim.