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Financial and emotional benefits of divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | blog | 0 comments

Divorce is rarely a time to celebrate, and for many people it is a very unhappy time. However, after the finalization, it is time to begin looking ahead. Instead of focusing on the sadness and challenges, it may help to look at some potential benefits of ending the marriage. 

While divorce is costly, U.S. News discusses some financial benefits that may result. In marriage, money is a common source of discontent, whether one spouse is spending over the budget or the couple cannot agree on what to spend extra money on. After a divorce, these issues go away. Each spouse has control over how to spend or save money, and it can be easier to budget. Having financial control may also be beneficial from an investment standpoint. 

Parents who have college-age kids can work out a divorce settlement that results in more financial aid. For older divorcees whose marriage lasted 10 or more years, the ex-spouse is eligible for spousal benefits at retirement age and can also defer his or her own benefits until the age of 70. 

Reader’s Digest discusses some additional benefits of divorce. In many marriages, some friendships take a back seat. After divorce, these connections can strengthen again. Having this support system also makes it easier to deal with the aftereffects of going through a divorce. 

If a marriage ended, there is a good chance that one or both spouses felt lonely. Having more time to do activities that one enjoys results in less loneliness and closer connections with like-minded people. 

Divorce also allows for new dreams and a new future, whether it is taking a solo trip around the world or meeting the perfect romantic companion.