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Navigate the holidays after a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Firm News | 0 comments

When people co-parent in Michigan, they may wonder how they will handle the holidays. The holiday season can be difficult for many families; however, it may sometimes be more challenging after a divorce. It is important for parents to know how to navigate this season so they give their children the support they need. 

While co-parenting may always be challenging, sometimes things may be more difficult if parents have just divorced. Psychology Today says that some children may grieve around the holidays because they know their usual traditions may change. Parents may feel sad because this is the first year they will not celebrate holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, with the whole family. However, it is important for people to focus on the kids and reassure them that they will still see both of their parents, even if things are a little different. 

It is a good idea for people to discuss holiday plans with their ex-spouse. Many families may have their own holiday traditions, and parents should usually decide in advance if they will both do certain activities with the kids. Additionally, it is important to discuss where the kids will spend each holiday. If parents live near each other, the kids may be able to go trick-or-treating with one parent and attend a Halloween party with the other. When parents do not live in the same town, however, they may have to divide the holidays between them. If the kids spend Thanksgiving with their mother, for example, then they might spend Christmas with their father. 

It is also important for parents to be flexible during the holidays. According to Divorce magazine, families may encounter unexpected situations. When relatives come into town, one parent might want the kids to spend time with them, even if the children are currently with their other parent. Additionally, kids may sometimes get sick and be unable to spend a holiday with one parent. Many people may get frustrated when these unexpected events occur. However, it is important to put the kids first and consider what will be best for them. If a child gets sick during the holidays, for example, then a parent might find a different time to do a special post-holiday celebration.