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Chronic pain and your inability to hold gainful employment

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When a Michigan employee is unable to work due to a medical condition, he or she could be eligible for certain types of financial support available through the Social Security Administration. This is also true for you if you are a person who is struggling with issues related to a chronic pain disorder.

Complex regional pain syndrome is an illness that does not have many outward symptoms, but it can have a significant impact on your life. This type of illness can leave you dealing with significant pain and make it difficult for you to do things, such as work and participate in your regular daily activities.

Understanding the complex impact of CRPS

CRPS is a type of disorder that can develop after a person suffers a major injury or traumatic incident. It is a chronic disorder, which means that a person may have to deal with its impact long-term. While medical professionals are still trying to learn about CRPS, they believe that it is the result of nerve damage.

Like other types of chronic disorders, people dealing with this type of issue can face a range of symptoms and side effects, and they can differ from person to person. CRPS can impact a person’s ability to work and hold gainful employment because of the following:

  • It can cause significant stiffness in affected joints.
  • A victim may be unable to control muscle movement and experience decreased range of motion.
  • It can lead to tremors and other muscle problems in the affected area.

Characterized by ongoing pain, people who suffer from this type of medical condition may also experience changes in the skin and in hair growth patterns. Every case is different, but the severity of the side effects that you experience could keep you from working. This can be an overwhelming prospect, but you have options.

Seeking the benefits you deserve

If CRPS has robbed you of your ability to work and live your life like you did before the development of this condition, you may seek disability benefits through the SSA. If you think you have a rightful claim to this type of support, you would be wise to seek legal guidance as you complete the application process.

It can be frustrating and overwhelming to navigate the disability claims process, but you do not have to walk through it alone. Before you move forward with your claim, you may benefit from an explanation of your rights and what to expect from the process ahead.