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September 2017 Archives

Child support payments no longer feasible?

Adapting to life after divorce may have challenged you in ways you never thought possible in life. Many Michigan parents say the biggest challenge they faced in divorce was trying to achieve amicable agreements with their former spouses regarding child support payments. You may have been one of the lucky ones who was able to reach a compromise, allowing you to avert many potential obstacles in court. Perhaps some time has passed and things have been going very well where your new parenting plan is concerned; that is, until now.

Duties of a financial agent

You're going to use a financial power of attorney to make your spouse or one of your children your financial agent. If something happens to you -- you're in a coma after a car accident, for instance -- then you know that someone is still able to take care of your estate. This person has the legal authority to make decisions that usually only you would be allowed to make.

What to do if you think you can't make a mortgage payment

In most cases, a person's home is one's biggest asset. Protecting this asset is a top priority. Most people purchase a home only after making sure they can make the payments on the mortgage. Unfortunately, there are instances in which a homeowner might miss a payment.

What injuries qualify for SSD?

When it comes to Social Security Disability, the hardest parts are figuring out how you qualify, how to apply and waiting for a response. It's a slow moving, bureaucratic process where applicants feel lost in the shuffle.