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July 2017 Archives

SSDI may be an option for those under 50

You work as hard as you can. You’ve been providing for yourself for awhile now. You want to keep working, but you have an injury or illness that makes it difficult. You’ve heard of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), but you don’t know too much about it. Don’t you have to be 60 or older to get that? You’ve always associated Social Security with age, but that’s not necessarily correct.

Know what child custody matters to include in an agreement

Cases that involve child custody are often very difficult for parents to work through simply because the thought of having to share the child is unpleasant. Unfortunately, when you and your ex divorce or end your relationship, this is what is going to happen.

What are the benefits of legally filing for paternity?

Establishing legal paternity is important because, above anything else, it creates more security under the law for the child in question. It's not just significant for estranged or legally divorced parents, but also for parents who are together but not married. This blog gives an overview of the benefits and rights for legal fathers.

Cancer qualifies for Social Security Compassionate Allowance

Understanding the rules to obtain benefits from the Social Security Administration is confusing. The process is even more challenging when the search comes during a health crisis such as a cancer diagnosis. According to, more than one-third of people in the United States will be treated for cancer their lifetime. How does Social Security help patients battle a diagnosis?