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If I have diabetes, do I have a claim to disability benefits?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | blog, Firm News | 0 comments

Diabetes is a medical condition that can affect your life in multiple ways. Whether you have struggled with this disease for years or received this diagnosis recently, your illness could eventually affect your ability to hold regular employment. In most cases, diabetes is a condition that may make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Your diagnosis of diabetes may be enough to eventually keep you from your job. If you find that you cannot work or you are unable to meet some of the demands of your job, then you may have a valid claim to seek disability benefits. Before you apply, you may find it beneficial to seek a full understanding of your rights by turning to an experienced Michigan attorney.

Who qualifies for disability benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration, a person may have a valid claim to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits if he or she meets the following requirements:

  • Has a medical condition expected to last for a period of at least one year that prevents a person from working
  • Has a qualifying work history that includes payment of Social Security taxes

Not everyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes will qualify for SSDI benefits, but that does not mean that there are no other options. Individuals who are not eligible for SSDI benefits because of a lack of qualifying work history may be able to apply for Supplemental Security Income benefits.

What is so bad about diabetes?

Diabetes is a relatively common disease, and people may not realize how debilitating severe cases can truly be. The severity of the disease will vary on a case-by-case basis, but for some, diabetes can cause the following:

  • Severely limit the function of the endocrine system
  • Can cause side effects from severe blood sugar changes
  • May require constant monitoring and serious lifestyle changes

This disease may affect your ability to work and lead a normal life, but you still have rights. Your struggles are serious, and you have the right to know if you have a legitimate claim to any type of disability benefits.

Why do I need an attorney?

It is not a requirement to have an attorney in order to apply for Social Security disability benefits for severe diabetes, but it can be useful to do so. With an experienced and knowledgeable ally by your side throughout the application process, you can effectively confront any challenges that arise. From the initial application to filing any necessary appeals, you do not have to walk through any step of this process alone.