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June 2013 Archives

What is “disability” for Social Security Administration?

Disability is a fluid term, and has a number of meanings depending on the context in which it is used, like many other terms. When it comes to disability benefits, though, disability has a very specific meaning.

SSA updates policy to be sensitive to transgender individuals

Anyone who has dealt with paperwork required by the federal government knows that red tape is the name of the game. Even a simple name change in federal records can mean filling out a number of official forms.

Unpaid student loans can result in garnishment of disability benefits

Our Michigan readers know how important disability benefits are to those who receive them, whether through the Veterans Administration or the Social Security Administration. The safety net provided by these benefits is critical for many Americans. But many disabled people aren’t in the simplest of financial situations. For some, there are unpaid debts that can actually reduce their disability payments.

VA sees spike in claims based on sleep apnea in recent years

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency spends over $1.2 billion every year to treat soldiers for sleep apnea. The number of veterans and military retirees receiving disability benefits through the VA for sleep apnea has spiked in recent years.