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March 2012 Archives

Michigan veterans return with severe brain injuries

Throughout the month of month of March health care providers are trying to educate the public about the symptoms and dangers of brain injuries as part of National Brain Injury Awareness Month. Although anyone can suffer the effects of a severe brain injury, this year, special attention has been paid to veterans returning to Michigan after their service overseas. Moreover, these types of medical conditions can prevent many veterans from earning a regular income and doing the things they love.

Supplemental Security Income payments go electronic next year

For many in Trenton, Michigan, a monthly Supplemental Security Income check is essential for living a comfortable life. Those receiving paper checks for their Social Security benefit will see a change to how they receive their benefit by 2013. According to representatives from the U.S. Treasury, all federal benefit payments, including SSI, will be made electronically.

Chronic respiratory illness can necessitate disability benefits

Oxygen, water and nutrition are the basic necessities required for people to live. For many living in Michigan, performing essential bodily processes, such as breathing, can be difficult or even painful. Over the last several years, medical professionals have gained a better understanding of the symptoms and treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, otherwise known as COPD. Yet despite medical advances, thousands are left unable to work because of respiratory illnesses. For that reason, many people may be entitled to receive a Social Security Disability benefit to cover their living expenses.

Continuing Disability Reviews of SSDI recipients

Periodically, individuals from Michigan that have applied for and received Social Security Disability benefits may be required to undergo a Continuing Disability Review (CDR) as the Social Security Administrator believes that an individual's disability is no longer interfering with that person's ability to work. Unfortunately, sometimes the assessment by such administrators is incorrect after a CDR has been performed.