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Should you get a home inspection?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | real estate transactions | 0 comments

There are many aspects to buying a home that can be time-consuming and slow down your path to closing. One of those is a home inspection. However, no matter how frustrated you may be with the process, you should always get an inspection.

Realtor.com explains that a home inspection protects you. It helps identify issues and ensures that you get a fair deal. Skipping it is a good path to buyer’s remorse.

Home inspection issues

One reason why many people consider foregoing the inspection is due to tight deadlines. Home inspectors are incredibly busy professionals. It can be difficult to get on the schedule to get an inspection within the deadline given by your contract. Most often, this deadline is seven days, and it is not unusual for inspectors to not have any appointments for up to two weeks.

You may fear losing the home if you cannot get the inspection in time. It might lead you to think of not doing it, but keep in mind that your inspection is the only way to uncover certain serious issues with a home. It allows you to put contingencies in your contract and gives you an out if there is something too seriously wrong.

The inspection also protects you from investing in a bad home. There is too much risk to bypass it.

Alternative option

If you are sure you will lose the home if you opt for an inspection, then you could offer to get the inspection for informational purposes only. You will then at least know if anything is wrong with the home. However, doing an informational only option means you cannot add contingencies to the contract or negotiate the price if the inspector finds something.