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Help yourself by providing useful info on your SSDI application

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Facing a disability that prevents you from working can have a serious impact on your life. In many cases, financial strain results from lack of income, and you may wonder how you will provide for yourself without a job. Luckily, you could potentially qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI. This benefit could allow you to gain financial assistance so you can lead a better life.

In order to effectively apply for SSDI, preparation plays a significant role. Many SSDI applications face initial denial, and lack of proper information and application completion often contribute to those denials.

Lacking or incorrect information

If your SSDI application has incorrect information or you did not properly provide all necessary information, it may prove difficult for the reviewer to fully grasp your situation. As a result, he or she may consider your application a fraudulent attempt at gaining benefits or simply feel that your application does not provide enough information to warrant an approval for SSDI. In such instances, the reviewer will likely deny your request.

Useful information

In order to provide the correct information, you may need to gather multiple documents. Information regarding your medical history and the disability from which you suffer could help bolster your application. Additionally, detailing how the disability prevents you from working can act as vital information. From there, you may wish to provide your work and education history.

This information can give the reviewer a better idea of how you addressed your employment in the past and how the disability affected your overall situation. An accurate representation of your disability and circumstances could give a more complete view of your predicament, which could work in your favor.

When you provide the right information, your application process may move along more quickly than expected. Of course, applying as soon as possible and properly understanding the application process could also help move the process along.


Unfortunately, even after filling out an application to the best of your ability, you may still face a denied application. However, this denial does not have to end your efforts. You could potentially request an appeal of the decision in hopes of gaining needed benefits.

When facing such an appeal, you may wish to enlist assistance in order to give yourself a fighting chance. An experienced Michigan attorney could help you build a solid application and understand the process more fully. As a result, you may have a better chance of reaching your goal.