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Those who are facing problems with SSD benefits may get help

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Firm News, Social Security Disability | 0 comments

There are many residents of Michigan who have suffered devastating workplace accidents, which have left them with a serious physically disability. In some cases, the workplace accident might even lead to temporary or permanent disability.

Additionally, at some point, the worker might even suffer from a total or partial disability, causing the worker not to have full use of his or her entire body. Such cases can leave the worker with no option to go back to the old job. However, the injury may also prevent that worker from being hired for other positions in other companies.

In such a case, Social Security Disability benefits can be beneficial to the worker. The Social Security Administration looks into each case holistically. In most cases, an experienced Social Security attorney, like Robert D. Paulbeck, would examine all of the worker’s medical records and, in some cases, the employer’s reports, in order to prove that the worker is eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

The SSA will look into the exact disability that the worker has suffered as well as the adverse impact that the specific disability has had on that person’s earning capability. Thus, creating a paper trail of all related, required documents is especially important in order to claim Social Security benefits.

Social Security claims can take a long time to process. In some cases, attorney Robert D. Paulbeck has observed many Michigan residents who have tried to provide all of the pertinent documents and relevant data in order to claim Social Security disability benefits and who have been denied such claims due to procedural errors. Thus, the need for professional help increases with the number of claim rejections that the person receives. For more information, check out our website. It could provide general information about the situation, helping individuals make informed decisions.