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What are the various work incentives offered by the SSA?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2015 | Firm News, Social Security Disability | 0 comments

There are many people in Wayne County and in the rest of Michigan who receive Social Security Disability benefits. Many of those people may be aware that the Social Security Administration provides certain incentives to people who work, even though they are disabled. The SSA provides such work incentives to ensure that people who have disabilities still work to continue receiving healthcare and cash benefits from the appropriate programs administered by the SSA.

The work incentives that are applicable to SSD benefit recipients are meant to encourage people to work without worrying about losing their benefits. For example, SSD beneficiaries continue to receive Medicaid and Medicare until they start earning a salary. Also, SSD beneficiaries who work despite their disability also have access to various support services. The work incentives program also encourages disabled people to work part-time or full-time or as their situation permits.

Among the various work incentives, the “Ticket to Work” program is one that offers a number of benefits, such as the Trial Work Period, Expedited Reinstatement and Protection from Medical Continuing Disability Reviews. For instance, with the TWP, an SSD benefits recipient can work for nine months without losing any benefits, irrespective of how much that person earns in that nine month period. In EXR, a SSD benefits recipient whose payments stopped because of increased earnings may be able to reinstate the benefits in an easy way. With CDR, a beneficiary does not have to undergo a disability review if it falls under the TTW.

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