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How does the SSA define cardiovascular impairment?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2015 | Firm News, Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness | 0 comments

Residents of Michigan may be aware that there are several medical conditions that make the person eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Among those conditions, ailments of the cardiovascular system are listed in Section 4.00 of the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. For those people who wish to apply for SSD benefits because of a cardiovascular impairment, they should understand how the SSA defines such impairments so that the application and claims process for SSD benefits becomes simpler.

According to the SSA, a cardiovascular impairment is any disorder or illness that directly impacts normal functioning of the heart or the cardiovascular system. These disorders can be acquired or congenital. Additionally, the SSA also lists certain consequences of heart disease, which it considers valid grounds for claiming SSD benefits.

For example, if heart disease leads to ventricular dysfunction or chronic heart failure, it is considered to be an eligible condition per Section 4.00 of the Blue Book. Similarly, if a person experiences pain because of myocardial ischemia, that person may claim SSD benefits. Again, if a condition leads to cerebral profusion, which matures to syncope or near syncope, a person becomes eligible for SSD benefits. Cases of cyanosis are also considered valid grounds for claiming SSD benefits.

The SSA’s definition of cardiovascular impairments is based on extensive research and signs and symptoms observed in patients with cardiovascular health issues. The SSA makes a conscious effort to include all possible medical conditions but unfortunately, anomalies remain and in many cases, those anomalies may make it difficult for a patient to claim benefits. Therefore, when a patient wants to claim SSD benefits for illnesses, it may be a wise choice to have an SSD attorney on hand. The professional support will help a great deal.