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Concerns expressed over outside entities and disability claims

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2015 | Firm News, Social Security Administration News | 0 comments

When people in Wayne and throughout Michigan are seeking to receive disability from the Social Security Administration, there are many issues that can arise to make the process confusing and difficult. With Social Security disability, the goal is to provide those who are eligible for benefits with the help that they require to make ends meet and receive treatment for their injuries and illnesses. However, there are circumstances that can grow troublesome when third party entities offer outside help to applicants.

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) – a part of Congress – has examined outside Social Security disability claim advocates in various states who assist claimants seeking benefits. Some of these individuals and entities who are meant to provide help do. Many are assisting low-income people in pursuing benefits. Some, however, might simply be preying on those in need. According to the GAO, approximately one percent of the people who are receiving this assistance are actually being helped. These advocates have contracts with state or local governments and there is the possibility that fraud and other issues can arise. The problem with these outside advocates is that there’s no way to know whether they’re actually helping claimants or are simply gathering information for nefarious purposes.

There are many aspects to disability claims that an applicant might not understand, which can leave him or her vulnerable. When filing for disability benefits, there are various aspects from the beginning of the process to the end. Adhering to the proper procedures when seeking benefits can improve the prospects of approval. If there is a denial, claimants have the option of appealing the decision.

Those who are confronted with a disability that they believe warrants approval for disability claims need to bear these potential problems in mind. With the help that outside advocates provide under scrutiny from the GAO, it is preferable for claimants to seek experienced legal assistance in lieu of those who might not have their best interests at the forefront.

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