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Social Security disability for people with HIV or AIDS

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It’s an unfortunate reality that people in Michigan will sometimes become ill enough that they’re unable to work. When there is an illness that leads to disabilities so serious that working is an impossibility and it’s necessary for the sick person to find other means of self-support, Social Security disability may be available if the criteria is met. One such disease for which ill people can receive benefits is if they are suffering from HIV or AIDS.

In order to receive benefits, the disability must last for at least 12 months or result in the person’s death. The problems accompanying the illness must be severe to the degree that the substantial gainful work is not possible. In addition, a child who is suffering from HIV or AIDS might be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This is contingent on the income being low enough. When a person with HIV or AIDS applies for benefits, there will be an attempt made to process the claim as quickly as possible. A state agency known as the Disability Determination Services will work with Social Security to expedite this process.

The information that the claimant and the doctor provides will be studied so a determination can be made. The benefits can be paid immediately for up to six months prior to a final decision being made if the claimant isn’t working; if the rules for income and resources are met; if the medical professional gives certification that the HIV infection is of sufficient severity to meet the rules for eligibility. The claim can be expedited by having the relevant information prepared. This will include W-2 forms, Social Security numbers and the birth certificates of those applying.

Information about treating doctors or medical facilities must be provided. Relating how the disease has influenced the claimant’s daily life with shopping, cooking, cleaning and traveling is beneficial. Reporting the types of jobs that had been performed over the previous 15 years may also be necessary. Those who are able to go back to work must understand the rules if the claimant would still like to continue receiving benefits. Disabilities come in various forms and Social Security disability for illness is there to help those who are sick enough to receive it. For assistance in receiving benefits, it is wise to discuss the matter with a legal professional experienced in Social Security disability.

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