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Obtaining SSI or SSDI on the basis of autism

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Firm News, Social Security Disability | 0 comments

According to a recent study conducted at Princeton University, we may be a bit closer to understanding what part of the brain is associated with the development of Autism. The study, which was actually a review of research already conducted, theorizes that cerebellum injuries in early life affect the developmental process in such a way that make autism more likely to develop later on.

There are various factors which increase a child’s risk of autism, including premature birth, being born in a hurricane strike zone, emigrating while pregnant and mental illness of the mother. No other factor is as strongly associated with the development of autism, though, than injury to the cerebellum at birth. More research is needed to test the theory, of course, but it is strong enough that it will attract further study. 

Autism, of course, is a condition which can significantly impact an individual’s ability to support himself or herself. In some cases, the impact is enough that the individual requires government assistance for support. Children with autism may be able to obtain Supplemental Security Income on the basis of autism, provided their family’s income is within the established limits. Adults with autism may be able to obtain Social Security disability income on the basis of their own work history or on the record of a parent current receiving retirement or disability benefits.

Those with autism, and their caregivers, do well to work with an experienced attorney in submitting an application for SSI or SSDI since it is not necessarily easy to put together a complete application. Working with an attorney not only ensures one will submit an application with complete and accurate information, but that one has an advocate in the event an appeal becomes necessary.

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