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Long-term disability coverage a critical resource

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2014 | Firm News, Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries | 0 comments

Social Security disability income is an important financial resource for roughly 58 million Americans. For most of those who are unable to work because of serious impairments, SSDI income is literally a lifeline. That being said, SSDI benefits are not intended to assist most people who suffer with disabling injuries and illnesses. For those who fall short of SSDI requirements, disability insurance is a critical backup.

Unfortunately, while most Americans recognize the importance of purchasing life insurance, not nearly as many are wise enough to seek out disability coverage. Those who are lucky are covered by their employer. Still others can take steps to obtain group coverage through an employer. Going further, some are lucky enough to have not only group coverage, but also guaranteed-issue disability coverage as an added benefit. 

Guaranteed-issue disability policies, as the name implies, are issued regardless of health status, and offer employees greater income replacement than is possible with group coverage alone. These policies tend to have more features and are apparently becoming more popular among executives for recruiting purposes.

While guaranteed-issue policies are certainly beneficial, any form of disability coverage is going to help an injured employee out in the long run, and more employees need to find a way to obtain some form of long-term disability coverage. The reality is that while SSDI is a critical source of income for the most seriously disabled Americans, it is not something most of us can count on.

For those who do suffer with a serious impairment, it is important to speak with an experienced SSDI attorney to determine one’s eligibility and to put together a solid application. 

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