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Athletes and ordinary people struggle with back problems

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2013 | Firm News, Social Security Disability | 0 comments

Golf fans know that Tiger Woods has been experiencing back problems recently, most notably at The Barclays competition. During the competition, Woods went to his knees after swinging his second shot on the par-5 13th hole. Now, there is some question as to whether his back problems could do his career in.

The incident took place three weeks after Woods experienced back problems at the PGA Championship. Sources say he had back problems even at last year’s Barclays competition. When asked about the situation, Woods denies that his back problems could soon spell the end of his career, but back injuries can happen quickly and unexpectedly.

For golfers, back problems such as Woods has recently been experiencing are not a good sign, as they tend to get worse with time. They tend to hang around. 

Back problems affect many, many people in the United States, not only professional athletes. In fact, back pain and injuries are the most commonly reported medical condition in the nation, and even in the world. All of us at some point will deal with back pain, though some people deal with back pain so serious that it can prevent them from working.

For those with back pain so serious that it threatens their livelihood, it is important to understand one’s options in terms of financial support. Social Security disability can provide much needed income for those with back injuries, but it isn’t necessarily easy to obtain based solely on back pain. However, it can help to work with an experienced attorney in putting together a Social Security disability application, particularly if an appeal becomes necessary.

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