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Court determines woman is entitled to benefits for sleep disorder

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2012 | Firm News, Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness | 0 comments

Developing a severe or chronic medical condition can change a person’s life essentially overnight. Depending on the nature of the nature of the mental or physical condition, a person’s ability to earn income and support themselves or their family, in addition to covering medical bills, can be put in jeopardy. This is one of the many reasons why many Michigan residents weigh their options for disability benefit payments.

There are a number of public or private programs that may be available to assist people who have become unable to work due to a medical condition. In some cases, employers offer long-term or short-term disability benefits to their employees. Yet many people do not have this option available to them when they become disabled. Rather, they look to Social Security disability insurance benefits, which is a public benefit available to those rendered unable to work by a qualifying medical condition.

One woman was put in an unfortunate state of limbo when her employer suddenly dropped her disability insurance coverage. The woman had been receiving long-term benefits for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the course of a few years when the employer dropped her benefits without explanation. Fortunately, a court ruled that the company’s decision to end benefits was “illogical.”

This woman’s circumstance is not unique, which is why it is important for individuals to weigh all of their options when they develop a serious illness. Knowing that employer-provided plans aren’t a standard work-related benefit, applying for SSDI may be the best option, since it is more widely available.

Though applying for Social Security disability can be lengthy process, it offers an important level of financial stability for those who receive benefits. Furthermore, those receiving benefits are not at the whim of an employer who may suddenly decide to drop coverage. In order to increase the chances you will receive an adequate level of financial compensation live with the realities of a disability, it may be best to seek advice and determine the best way for you to proceed with an application for benefits.

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