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What injuries quality for SSD?

When it comes to Social Security Disability, the hardest parts are figuring out how you qualify, how to apply and waiting for a response. It’s a slow moving, bureaucratic process where applicants feel lost in the shuffle.

There are two major items to consider, based on your age. Applicants over 50 must prove they can no longer work at their current occupation. Those under 50 encounter rules that are more stringent: proving an inability to perform any job—not just in your current field.

5 critical pieces of paperwork for estate planning

Don't assume that all you need to finish up your estate planning is a will.

Your will is a great place to start and forms the basis of your estate plan. If you don't have one, you may want to focus on it first. However, there are many other documents that you need as well.

Disability appeal wait times are at a record high

Being turned down for Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance was disheartening, but you didn't give up. You applied again. Unfortunately, you were denied again.

The next step is a hearing. You know that you can get the benefits if you just explain your case to the judge. Unfortunately, it feels like it's taking forever for you to get your chance.

Michigan could be changing custody decisions in a big way

If Michigan's House of Representatives has its way, there's about to be some big changes in the way that family court judges will start handling custody cases.

Right now, judges in disputed cases take into account just about anything that they consider to be relevant and make the decisions about who gets primary physical custody based on the child's "best interests."

3 questions when a court considers parental relocation

When you and your ex have a child together, you may lose your freedom to just move anywhere that you desire. For longer moves -- more than 100 miles -- you may need to ask the court for permission for a parental relocation. After all, the move could take the child almost entirely out of your ex's life if he or she is not also going to move.

Each case is considered individually, and many factors must be considered. Below are three questions the court will typically ask.

Speed up the SSDI claims process

One of the daunting aspects of applying for Social Security Disability benefits is the time it takes.

For many people, getting an answer to an initial application takes 90 days to 6 months. That's a long time to wait for a reply that may not even be positive.

Choosing a legal guardian for your children

Who is going to take care of your children if you die?

Nobody really likes to think about this particular question because it means not only addressing your own mortality but addressing all of the potential pitfalls of naming a legal guardian -- someone who can step in and parent your child to adulthood if you're gone.

Is SSDI forever? When you are required to qualify again

Shelby had an outstanding work ethic. She got her first job at 13 and had worked consistently ever since. She enjoyed working and had been raised to take care of herself. Even after her divorce, when her ex refused to make his child support payments, she was always able to provide for her family. But when her youngest child was killed in a car accident, Shelby started to falter.

Suddenly she was leaving work early or missing it all together. Her demeanor, once chipper and upbeat, suddenly became flat. Eventually she was staying in bed for days on end. Within a few months, she was diagnosed with major depressive disorder.