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While U.S. foreclosure rates decline, Michigan ones increase

The property database ATTOM Data Solutions released its 2018 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report earlier this month. Although it shows that the number of foreclosures nationwide dropped to a 13-year low in 2018, some cities in Michigan ended up having some of the highest rates of all American cities in 2018.

What are some common property disputes between neighbors?

When many of us set out to buy a house in Trenton, we're often consumed by finding one that checks off all the boxes on our wish list. Many times, it includes physical attributes that we'd like our house to have but not what we're looking for in terms of neighbors. Maybe it should, though.

What steps should I take to transfer my home to my kids?

As a parent, you may want to ensure that a hard-earned asset such as your home ends up in your children's hands once you pass away. Unless you make that clear during the estate planning process, it's not guaranteed that this will occur. There are three steps you can take to ensure that your property transfers seamlessly to your heirs when you pass away.

Detroit metro home values on quickly increasing

A recent report published by ATTOM Data Solutions reflects that the current home appreciation rate is currently the lowest it's been since the second quarter of 2016. Their data shows that during this year's second quarter, homes in the United States have been selling for $255,000 on average. This marks a 6.3 percent increase over what it was last year at this same time.

Detroit is stopped from foreclosing on homes with unpaid taxes

A class action lawsuit, which had been previously filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against both Wayne County and the City of Detroit, was settled on July 3. Upon its signing, Wayne County homeowners who'd failed to pay property taxes would longer be in peril of losing their homes to foreclosure anymore.

What's a broker's role in a real estate transaction?

If you're selling your home, then you've likely heard the words "realtor" and "broker" thrown around. While you may readily think of the person who you contact to either buy or sell a home as a realtor, you may not know what the role of the broker is.