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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

Social Security benefits before age 50

For many people, Social Security provides them with the benefits they need to provide for themselves and their loved ones. However, not everyone is eligible for these benefits. The Social Security Administration has set qualifications that an individual has to meet before they can be eligible to collect the benefits the SSA supplies for those who qualify, but being over the age of 55 may not be one of those qualifications.

When can a Michigan resident claim SSD benefits for an injury?

A Michigan resident who has been injured in an accident or at work may suffer from a partial or total disability, which compromises the person's ability to get a job. In such cases, the employee's financial challenges can be compounded by the medical costs that the employee needs to recuperate and rehabilitate. However, the federal government offers Social Security disability benefits to such claimants who have suffered a temporary or permanent disability as a result of the injury.

How do workers' compensation benefits affect SSD applications?

Workplace injuries bring about many difficulties for injured workers and their families. The worst of those problems are usually financial, as workers lose income while having to pay for some, if not all, of their medical treatment. However, most injured workers in Michigan are covered by the state's workers' compensation program and they can receive cash benefits to help cover the loss of income.

Social Security benefits can help Michigan birth injuries

Although uncommon, Michigan birth injuries can lead to a lifetime of health and medical problems. Like children everywhere in the country, those in Michigan, who sustain such injuries, can have a difficult time coping with the challenges of normal life. For this reason, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may be available from the federal government to help parents raise a child with needs related to a birth injury.

SSD for veterans with 100 percent VA compensation rating

It is unfortunate but true that many veterans in Michigan as well as the rest of the country have sustained injuries while on active duty. Many of them have a permanent and total disability rating of 100 percent. To those veterans, the Social Security Administration offers certain benefits, which are in addition to the benefits that the Department of Veterans' Affairs provides. These Social Security disability benefits are based on the SSA's guidelines and can be obtained by filing a separate application with the SSA.

Resources are available for traumatic brain injury patients

Accidents are a part of life, and they happen every day throughout the country, including in Michigan. In the vast majority of accidents, injuries are slight and can be treated easily. Most victims recover quickly. Some types of injuries, however, are more severe and can grievously injure or kill those involved. Among the worst are those that leave a victim with a traumatic brain injury.

Experienced counsel for Social Security Disability claims

Accidents are a part of life and can happen anywhere and anytime. For an unfortunate few, however, accidents can mean permanently disabling injuries that turn their lives upside down. These victims often can no longer work even part-time. For these people, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are often available if they meet certain qualifications. Being able to draw these benefits allows these disabled individuals to stay in their homes, have enough to eat and pay their utility and other basic bills.

Workers' compensation claim may affect SSD benefits

When a Michigan worker is injured on the job, it is important to promptly file a workers' compensation claim. However, many workers do not know that collecting workers' compensation can affect that worker's Social Security Disability benefits. An injured worker may already be entitled to some benefits or may become eligible for benefits based on the workplace injury. In either case, workers should know the Social Security Disability claim may be affected.

What's the Listing of Impairments for Social Security Disability?

When people in Wayne and across the state are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, it's important to know how the decision is made as to whether those benefits will be provided. When the claimant is assessed, the Social Security Administration will use what is known as the Listing of Impairments to make the determination. Various issues will go into whether or not a claimant meets the criteria of SSDI impairments to be granted benefits.

Criteria for Social Security disability after head trauma

People in Michigan who have suffered head trauma and a resulting brain injury or those who have had a loved one suffer these types of issues need to be aware of how they can go about receiving Social Security disability for injuries. There are numerous criteria that must be met depending on the category under which the person's issues fall. It's important to understand them before moving forward in trying to receive benefits.