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Can a winter vacation affect your Social Security benefits?

With winter now in full swing, many residents of northern states look to warmer weather for a break from the cold. Some people even make an entire season out of it by maintaining a home in the south while spending spring and summer in the milder northern states. Many individuals who spend a significant amount of time away from their home of record are also old enough to collected Supplemental Security Income or disability benefits.

No...Social Security is not out of money

For individuals who rely on Social Security benefits, as well as those who are applying to obtain these important resources, the political landscape can often be a source of anxiety. Pundits and media outlets have debated the solvency of Social Security for the past several years, often relying on projections without fully explaining the basic information.

Social Security benefits for same-sex couples in Michigan

Social Security benefits are monetary benefits extended by the federal government to certain Michiganders who do not have the means to earn enough to live. Such benefits are provided to retired, disabled and survivors of people who were receiving benefits, but who have passed away. It is a way to ensure that they receive minimum monetary support required to meet the basic needs and medical care expenses. That ensures that they live a meaningful life, which they deserve.

Audit uncovers unusual SSDI payments

Most Michigan residents in the workforce understand that injuries are always possible on the job and that if they are severe enough working may no longer be possible. Fortunately, for these workers and for those whose disabilities are so severe that they would never be able to gain full employment, benefits through the Social Security Administration can allow them to meet basic living expenses. But what qualifies as a disability?

Social Security disability changes proposed by lawmakers

Many Michigan residents suffer from physical as well as mental disabilities that have led to unemployment or the inability to seek gainful employment. Of course, that can cause the entire family to struggle financially. For all such residents as well as their families, financial adversities are exacerbated due to expensive medical care needed for the disabled resident. Social Security Disability benefits awarded by the government may be beneficial for most of those families.

Social Security Disability offers a "ticket to work"

Illinois residents who have suffered a disabling injury or illness now has been given the liberty of creating a Social Security Disability account online, which will enable the disabled claimant to be vigilant in keeping track of SSD claims. Online access allows a resident to easily and regularly monitor his or her account verification, eligibility, disability claims and payments.

How secure is the future of Social Security Disability Insurance?

In Michigan a large number of disabled individuals, their spouses and their children depend on benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund. According to recent data, almost 11 million people nationwide were receiving disability benefits under this program with an average monthly benefit of $1,000.

Concerns expressed over outside entities and disability claims

When people in Wayne and throughout Michigan are seeking to receive disability from the Social Security Administration, there are many issues that can arise to make the process confusing and difficult. With Social Security disability, the goal is to provide those who are eligible for benefits with the help that they require to make ends meet and receive treatment for their injuries and illnesses. However, there are circumstances that can grow troublesome when third party entities offer outside help to applicants.

Newly signed ABLE Act will help disability recipients

People in Michigan and across the country are often worried about how the amount of money they might have in the bank or in various savings accounts might affect their ability to receive the full amount in disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has certain rules in place for people who are receiving Social Security disability benefits. In the past, those rules have precluded people from saving money out of fear of having their benefits reduced or rescinded. A new law is in place to prevent that from happening.

SSDI judges targeted for high rate of approvals

According to a recent report issued by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, some administrative law judges in the Social Security Administration have fallen into the costly habit of approving most of the disability claims that come before them. The cost of this “rubber-stamping” of disability claims is roughly $400 billion between 2005 and 2013.