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How do I get out of my real estate contract?

If you are trying to sell your home in Trenton, you want a real estate agent who will aggressively market your property to potential homeowners who are interested in and able to afford it. Sometimes their efforts fall short, or you are simply dissatisfied for other reasons.

What is a title and how can I ensure that it's clean?

When real estate professionals or attorneys ask about who holds a "title" to a property, they generally are looking to ascertain who is recorded as the legal owner of a piece of land or a building. Clear titles afford the individual holding them the right to use or sell that piece of property largely at their own discretion, provided that it's in accordance with local regulations and laws.

What to do if you think you can't make a mortgage payment

In most cases, a person's home is one's biggest asset. Protecting this asset is a top priority. Most people purchase a home only after making sure they can make the payments on the mortgage. Unfortunately, there are instances in which a homeowner might miss a payment.