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3 key things that help make relocation feasible

One thing parents are sometimes surprised to learn is that divorce can impact their freedom to move. If kids are involved and custody rights have been awarded, parents who thought they'd have more freedom after ending their marriage may find out that the opposite is true.

3 things you can and cannot put it your prenup

Thinking of creating a prenuptial agreement? Experts note that these are almost always enforced if you wind up in divorce court. That said, you do need to know what you're allowed to add in, as a prenup with illegal provisions will not be enforced.

Child support payments no longer feasible?

Adapting to life after divorce may have challenged you in ways you never thought possible in life. Many Michigan parents say the biggest challenge they faced in divorce was trying to achieve amicable agreements with their former spouses regarding child support payments. You may have been one of the lucky ones who was able to reach a compromise, allowing you to avert many potential obstacles in court. Perhaps some time has passed and things have been going very well where your new parenting plan is concerned; that is, until now.

3 questions when a court considers parental relocation

When you and your ex have a child together, you may lose your freedom to just move anywhere that you desire. For longer moves -- more than 100 miles -- you may need to ask the court for permission for a parental relocation. After all, the move could take the child almost entirely out of your ex's life if he or she is not also going to move.

Know what child custody matters to include in an agreement

Cases that involve child custody are often very difficult for parents to work through simply because the thought of having to share the child is unpleasant. Unfortunately, when you and your ex divorce or end your relationship, this is what is going to happen.

What are the benefits of legally filing for paternity?

Establishing legal paternity is important because, above anything else, it creates more security under the law for the child in question. It's not just significant for estranged or legally divorced parents, but also for parents who are together but not married. This blog gives an overview of the benefits and rights for legal fathers.

New bill proposes standardized joint custody

Divorcing parents throughout Michigan may soon see changes to custody laws that may significantly impact the time each parent spends with custody of their children. A state bill is currently working its way through the legislature that would make joint custody the rule rather than the exception.