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Opioids have left more Michigan grandparents raising grandkids

The numbers of grandparents both in Michigan and across the country that are having to take on the responsibility for caring for their grandchildren full time have increased steadily in recent years. This uptick in grandparents raising their grandkids has largely been fueled by the opioid epidemic that has swept across the Midwest particularly hard.

What happens with my disability benefits when I divorce?

If you ask most couples what motivated them to pursue a divorce, then they'll likely tell you infidelity, joblessness, kids leaving the home, falling out of love and divergent careers. It's not all that uncommon for couples to split up because a spouse develops mental health issues or becomes physically disabled either. If you receive disability benefits, then you may wonder what happens to them once you divorce.

4 ways social media can damage a relationship

Social media is a fixture of modern life. Odds are that you and your spouse are using it in one fashion or another. While it can be helpful and fun, you have to remember that it also poses a bit of a risk. It can damage your relationship in some ways you may not expect.

Divorce negotiations should be goal-oriented

With most things, the more we do them, the more successful we'll become. With divorce, though, most of us will only get one shot at it during our lifetime. Taking tips from others who have gone through a divorce may be our only option if we want to do things right. Knowing common pitfalls others have encountered in settling their divorce can help you make more effective choices for yourself.

Which parents should avoid the 50-50 custody plan?

Equal parenting time is all the rage, and many parents laud the many benefits of raising their children in this fashion. Indeed, the benefits are clear. Children and parents get to maximize their time with one another in the fairest way possible. At the same time, parents enjoy some free time away from their parenting responsibilities each month to pursue other interests -- or even new romantic connections.

Changes in communication could foreshadow changes in a marriage

Wondering if your marriage is moving toward divorce? One thing to watch out for is a serious change in the way the two of you communicate. That could mean that you are not able to work through your problems, and your underlying frustration at fighting this losing battle has fundamentally altered the way you talk to one another.

Michigan's Attorney General says $250M in child support collected

On June 20, Michigan's Attorney General announced that he and his office have now successfully recovered $252,567,153 in child support from deadbeat parents during the past 15 years. The state's Child Support Division was founded in 2003.