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Cystic fibrosis and Social Security disability

There are many illnesses in the world, all with varying symptoms and degrees of severity. Though it can be difficult to live with and treat these medical conditions, their impact can be even more far-reaching. Some illnesses actually render individuals incapable of working. In turn, these individuals are unable to earn a wage, meaning that it can become difficult, if not impossible, to pay for housing, clothing, transportation, and even food. Yet, those who find themselves in this situation may be able to find relief by filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

How is hearing loss proved for disability claims?

In order to help those who suffer from a wide array of disabilities, disability benefits could be filed for. While the Social Security Disability coverage can be broad, it is important to note that there are very strict rules and regulations that apply to each type of disability. By learning more about the Social Security Administration or SSA and how they define specific disabilities, we hope our readers will feel more confident about whether they may qualify for benefits. However, if an individual is having trouble staying employed because of his or her disability, then he or she may want to consider speaking with an attorney.

We stand up for disabled Michiganders

Our last blog post discussed disability onset as it relates to disability benefits. Figuring the onset of your disability is critical as an earlier date could bring you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional benefits. However, this is just one of the many legal issues that must be addressed when trying to recover Social Security Disability.

What is disability onset and how is it determined?

Many of those who receive benefits would be unable to survive without them, highlighting just how important this program can be for those who are suddenly left unable to work. Yet, recovering Social Security Disability benefits through the system is not always the easiest thing to do. In fact, many initial claims are denied, and even when claims are accepted, whether initially or on appeal, certain evidence can make a significant difference on an individual's benefit amount and the length of his or her benefits.