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You can apply for Social Security disability benefits online

A person's inability to work due to a medical condition can lead to a huge financial loss. However, in such a situation, the person can apply for Social Security Disability benefits. The disability benefits can provide a source of income for the person's family. If the person is eligible for disability benefits, the applicant can apply online, which may be much easier than having to apply in person.

Can cancer patients claim Social Security Disability benefits?

Cancer is one of the most disabling illnesses that a person can experience. Late-stage cancer in particular can make day-to-day activities a major challenge, and the patient may struggle to maintain a normal lifestyle. In addition to the physical discomfort, cancer can also bring about significant financial challenges because necessary treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are expensive.

Social Security Disability claims made a little easier

Life can be challenging, especially if you suffer from a disability that impairs your ability to work. Unfortunately, the high housing expenses and utility bills that a Michigan resident incurs don't exempt people on the basis of their ability to work, often making it very difficult for disabled individuals to make ends meet. Federal programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance were established to help address these situations.

What are the various work incentives offered by the SSA?

There are many people in Wayne County and in the rest of Michigan who receive Social Security Disability benefits. Many of those people may be aware that the Social Security Administration provides certain incentives to people who work, even though they are disabled. The SSA provides such work incentives to ensure that people who have disabilities still work to continue receiving healthcare and cash benefits from the appropriate programs administered by the SSA.