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February 2015 Archives

How secure is the future of Social Security Disability Insurance?

In Michigan a large number of disabled individuals, their spouses and their children depend on benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund. According to recent data, almost 11 million people nationwide were receiving disability benefits under this program with an average monthly benefit of $1,000.

Workers' compensation claim may affect SSD benefits

When a Michigan worker is injured on the job, it is important to promptly file a workers' compensation claim. However, many workers do not know that collecting workers' compensation can affect that worker's Social Security Disability benefits. An injured worker may already be entitled to some benefits or may become eligible for benefits based on the workplace injury. In either case, workers should know the Social Security Disability claim may be affected.

How does the SSA define cardiovascular impairment?

Residents of Michigan may be aware that there are several medical conditions that make the person eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Among those conditions, ailments of the cardiovascular system are listed in Section 4.00 of the Social Security Administration's Blue Book. For those people who wish to apply for SSD benefits because of a cardiovascular impairment, they should understand how the SSA defines such impairments so that the application and claims process for SSD benefits becomes simpler.

Social Security benefits are available for many illnesses

Social Security Disability benefits due to an illness can be awarded to all those who may be eligible. This is because a prolonged and grave illness and disability may render a person unemployable. Years of medical expenses can become a major problem for a Michigan resident, as well as family members. Families often struggle to pay for their medical expenses in such cases.