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October 2014 Archives

Disability judges don’t always make accurate decisions

A recent article in National Review Online highlighted an important issue affecting not only the integrity of the Social Security disability program, but also the well-being of seriously disabled Americans. That issue is the ethical integrity of the administrative law judges that handle Social Security disability decisions.

Some veterans can have SSDI application expedited

Military veterans deserve to have financial and health care support to treat disabilities they suffered in the service of their country. Fortunately, the Veterans Administration does a better job than it used to informing vets of the services and benefits available to them. What many veterans do not know, though, is that they may be able to qualify for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Social Security disability program uses high standard for disability

As the time approaches the point where the Social Security disability trust fund will run dry, more and more talk has surfaced about the need to reform the program to cut down costs and ensure its integrity. Among the criticisms that have been leveled against the program is that there are far too many Americans on the disability role, and that this is because the standards used to determine disability are too easy to meet.

New memorial a reminder of disabled vets’ need for support

Last weekend, President Barack Obama spoke at the opening of a newly unveiled memorial for wounded veterans, known as the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, commemorating the sacrifices veterans make in their service and the challenges they face on coming home.

Don’t count on SSDI for coverage—look into disability insurance

Disability insurance, as we like to point out on this blog, is a more important asset than many Americans realize. Unfortunately, many young Americans are uninformed about the risks of losing their ability to earn income and do not adequately protect themselves from the possibility of becoming seriously injured or ill.

Social Security disability and work incentives reform

It is no secret that the Social Security disability program is in need of reform. As readers may know, the trust fund which feeds the program is set to dry up within a couple years and revenues are not able to keep up with current payouts. The result will be that sometime in 2016, payments to beneficiaries will be significantly reduced.