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August 2014 Archives

SSDI is social insurance, not welfare

One of the things those who work with Social Security disability applicants have noticed in recent years is an increase in criticism of the Social Security Administration for the way it handles the disability application process. The criticisms are myriad, and at least partly reflect a growing concern over the financial future of the program and a genuine need to reform the program at some level.

State of Michigan to crack down on disability fraud

Social Security fraud has become an increasingly important subject in the public square as the financial troubles facing the program have become clearer, along with the need to correct deficiencies in the program. Among conservative politicians, the subject of fraud has been highlighted as a major problem the Social Security Administration needs to tackle.

Survey shows prominence of mental health issues among recent vets

In so many ways, we as a society are continuing to learn about the importance of mental health and the need to address it early and provide proper treatment to those who suffer with mental illnesses. Among veterans, the problem of mental health is well known. According to a recent survey of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, this problem is particularly pronounced.

Vets sometimes wrongly denied benefits for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is well-known to be a common condition among veterans, but many aren't aware of just how common it has become. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the number of veterans currently receiving compensation based on post-traumatic stress has significantly increased in recent years, having gone up nearly fivefold over the last 13 years.