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March 2014 Archives

Budget measure enshrines misunderstanding of SSDI program

Because Social Security disability is such an important program for disabled Americans, disability advocates are always on the lookout for government policies and popular attitudes that could undermine it. Readers are probably familiar with the kind of banter that has been going on in recent years between conservative politicians bent on trimming the budget by targeting the Social Security disability program and disability advocates who caution against weakening the Social Security disability program.

Study looks at link between sedentary lifestyle and disability

Most of us have heard about the benefits of daily exercise and the importance of staying generally active. Now, research is showing that not only is it important to stay active, but it is important to avoid long periods of sitting. This is especially the case for older Americans, for whom more sitting can increase the chances of disability, regardless of the time they spend in activity.

Social Security proposes new role for SSDI representatives

In response to problems with failure to disclose information, the Social Security Administration is reportedly proposing to increase requirements for Social Security disability applicants. Specifically, SSDI applicants would be required to submit all relevant medical information to the agency, even information that hurts their chances of approval. The duty would fall not on those who represent SSDI applicants, but squarely on the applicant himself or herself.

SSA announces expedited application process for disabled vets

Though some veterans may not be aware of it, it is possible to obtain Social Security disability benefits in addition to VA disability benefits. The process of application, of course, is separate and involves different steps and requirements. For vets who are seriously disabled, having a dual disability income is an important means of support.