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December 2018 Archives

You should revisit your estate plan the minute that you divorce

Although filing for legal separation may stop your estranged spouse from laying claim to some of your assets after you split up, there are many that they may be legally entitled to if you were to become incapacitated or pass away before your divorce is finalized. There are some estate planning steps that you can take the minute you split up to minimize the control that they have over you and your assets though.

Are there disability benefits for gig workers?

Being a gig worker comes with many perks like flexible schedules, negotiating pay terms and working for multiple clients at once. But those who work these jobs miss out on perks like employer-sponsored insurance and workers' compensation benefits that many salaried workers enjoy. Disability payments are another benefit for which many gig workers might not think they're eligible — but they may be.

What happens with my disability benefits when I divorce?

If you ask most couples what motivated them to pursue a divorce, then they'll likely tell you infidelity, joblessness, kids leaving the home, falling out of love and divergent careers. It's not all that uncommon for couples to split up because a spouse develops mental health issues or becomes physically disabled either. If you receive disability benefits, then you may wonder what happens to them once you divorce.

Disability benefits eligibility for the blind

Michigan individuals who are blind often struggle with certain things that many take for granted, such as holding regular employment. Many people who are legally blind are able to work and enjoy a certain measure of independence. However, this is not the case for every blind individual. In some cases, blindness could be a legitimate reason to pursue disability benefits.