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4 ways social media can damage a relationship

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | family law and divorce, Firm News | 0 comments

Social media is a fixture of modern life. Odds are that you and your spouse are using it in one fashion or another. While it can be helpful and fun, you have to remember that it also poses a bit of a risk. It can damage your relationship in some ways you may not expect.

For instance, it can sometimes strain a relationship when one person is friends with their ex on a social media site. Their spouse may not appreciate their interactions online or may feel suspicious of the relationship. Even if nothing is going on, the mere friendship could make the marriage fragile.

The way people post about each other online can also be a point of contention, especially because it is out there for all the world to see. If you have something negative to say about your spouse, it is far better to talk about it face-to-face than to put it online where it looks insulting and aggressive. It’s also important not to be overly sarcastic or to make potentially hurtful jokes, as the tone of your voice isn’t always clear in text.

Finally, for some couples, more communication happens on social media than in person. This is a very big issue. Communication is critical to the strength of a marriage. If social media makes it harder to communicate or replaces these important conversations, the marriage suffers.

If you and your spouse do decide to get divorced, it is still important to consider social media usage. Remember that what you post could end up in court as evidence, and it could play a key role in your divorce case. Keep your divorce off of the internet as you look into your legal options.