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Research shows that shared parenting is best for kids of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | family law and divorce, Firm News | 0 comments

Shared parenting is currently one of the best solutions for combating parental alienation according to the National Parents Organization (NPO).

A licensed psychologist working on behalf of the organization cited how parental alienation, which involves a mom or dad attempting to turn their child against the other parent, leaves a child feeling conflicted and destroys families. He also equated parental alienation to child abuse. He notes that few are working to combat it.

He notes that research shows that children who spend time with both parents are less likely to allow themselves to be pitted against the other. The problem is, he argues, is that some family law judges often don’t consider this when deciding custody battles.

While many states like Michigan have long upheld the idea of shared parenting, others have only begun considering passing legislation that would require it. Until that occurs, his concern is that many custodial parents will somehow feel empowered to taint their child’s mind against the noncustodial parent.

If you’re still skeptical about how important it is for both parents to be involved in their kids’ lives, then federal statistics may help demonstrate this. That data shows that children raised by single parents confront obstacles that those who have two parents raising them simply don’t.

At least 71 percent of those who drop out of high school and 85 percent of those who are imprisoned come from single-parent homes. At least 85 percent of kids who are diagnosed with behavioral disorders and 63 percent of teens who commit suicide are raised by just one parent. Some 75 percent of those who are treated in drug treatment centers were raised the same way.

There’s a significant amount of evidence that exists for why children of divorce should be raised by two parents as opposed to just one. There’s no one-size-fits-all parenting plan that can be applied to every single situation. A Trenton attorney can advise you of the factors that may impact what’s in your child’s best interests and help you craft a parenting time plan tailored to fit your needs.