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September 2018 Archives

What factors should affect how soon you draft your will?

Car crashes, workplace violence and deadly case of the flu are just three of many different reasons that a person of any age could die unexpectedly. While younger adults may have fewer assets, they should still consider how they want them handled if they die, as well as the needs of any dependents that they have. Wills can no longer be chalked up as something just for older people.

Which parents should avoid the 50-50 custody plan?

Equal parenting time is all the rage, and many parents laud the many benefits of raising their children in this fashion. Indeed, the benefits are clear. Children and parents get to maximize their time with one another in the fairest way possible. At the same time, parents enjoy some free time away from their parenting responsibilities each month to pursue other interests -- or even new romantic connections.

What happens next after a denied disability claim?

If a physical injury or serious sickness prevents you from working, you are likely facing financial pressures in addition to your physical concerns. It can be critically important to secure some type of financial support through a disability claim with the Social Security Administration. It can be devastating if your claim comes back denied.