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Changes in communication could foreshadow changes in a marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | family law and divorce, Firm News | 0 comments

Wondering if your marriage is moving toward divorce? One thing to watch out for is a serious change in the way the two of you communicate. That could mean that you are not able to work through your problems, and your underlying frustration at fighting this losing battle has fundamentally altered the way you talk to one another.

For instance, maybe you and your spouse have always been quiet, thoughtful people. All couples have disagreements. It’s not that you get along all the time, but you handle these disagreements in a more subtle fashion. You give each other space, you sit down and talk and you calmly listen while the other person speaks.

From afar, many people can’t even tell you’re arguing. Friends and family marvel at how you seem to get along constantly, though you know the truth.

As your relationship deteriorates, this communication style falls apart. Arguments get louder and more obvious. At times, you even yell at each other. The first time you heard your spouse scream at you, you felt shocked, until you realized you were screaming right back.

Some couples naturally have louder, more aggressive fights, but that’s never been you. The change is what tells you that the end of the marriage could be drawing closer. Will it ever be possible to go back to the way you were before?

This is just one potential red flag to watch out for, but it can tip you off to upcoming legal issues. Make sure you fully understand your rights if you do decide to end your marriage.