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August 2018 Archives

Changes in communication could foreshadow changes in a marriage

Wondering if your marriage is moving toward divorce? One thing to watch out for is a serious change in the way the two of you communicate. That could mean that you are not able to work through your problems, and your underlying frustration at fighting this losing battle has fundamentally altered the way you talk to one another.

Older workers with denied SSDI claims risk becoming impoverished

A new study was recently published by Mathematica Policy Research. It suggests that the older someone is when they apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), the more apt that they are to have difficulty finding and maintaining employment once their claim is denied. This has many analysts arguing that SSDI eligibility guidelines may be far stricter than they otherwise should be.

What does estate planning help you accomplish?

As Michigan readers know, estate planning is a beneficial step for every person, no matter the size or value of his or her estate. However, many people fail to take this step because they believe they are too young or not wealthy enough to justify this effort. No matter your age, income, assets or health, there are certain things you can accomplish with a thoughtful and carefully drafted estate plan.

An executor of an estate has many responsibilities

Most times before an individual appoints someone as executor of their estate, they'll consult with them to let them know of such before they do so. Just because someone selects you to be their personal representative, though, it doesn't mean that you'll know what your responsibilities are when you're called upon to exercise them.