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February 2018 Archives

A short sale property is not always economical in the long run

If you're considering buying a home, then you may have found yourself attracted to a short sale property because of its lower price. Generally, homes that are listed for short sale are those that have declined in value. A bank often agrees to let the homeowner sell the house for only a portion of what's owed on the mortgage. The bank then simply writes off whatever the difference is between what it sells for and what's owed to them.

What should you do for your children after you get divorced?

There's a good reason why the courts focus on the best interests of the children during a divorce. For parents, the goal is to make sure that life is as enjoyable and stable as possible for the kids. Focusing on their best interests when considering things like custody arrangements, parenting plans and child support needs is an excellent place to begin.

Requesting a hearing for a denied disability claim

Michigan readers know that the process of seeking and actually obtaining Social Security benefits can be an arduous process, even with a valid disability. The process requires a significant amount of paperwork, gathering of medical documentation and more, and many claims do not gain approval. 

Why might your Social Security Disability claim be denied?

If you've applied for and have been denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, then you've just joined the ranks of 70 percent of all applicants that are denied the first time they apply for them. Only 15 percent of those who ask the Social Security Administration (SSA) to reconsider their case actually win on appeal.