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June 2015 Archives

Receiving Social Security payments outside the United States

The vast majority of American citizens who receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits live inside the United States, but a small number, including many with ties to Michigan, live outside the country for varying periods of time. Under Social Security law, most of these people can also receive their benefits where they live as long as they are eligible. All recipients getting their payments abroad, however, must meet certain requirements.

SSD for veterans with 100 percent VA compensation rating

It is unfortunate but true that many veterans in Michigan as well as the rest of the country have sustained injuries while on active duty. Many of them have a permanent and total disability rating of 100 percent. To those veterans, the Social Security Administration offers certain benefits, which are in addition to the benefits that the Department of Veterans' Affairs provides. These Social Security disability benefits are based on the SSA's guidelines and can be obtained by filing a separate application with the SSA.

Obtaining Michigan SSD benefits for cancer patients

Cancer is one of those deadly diseases that is not concerned with Michigan family harmony. People who are affected by this often-lethal disease struggle to maintain a normal lifestyle in many cases. Also, the expensive cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, not only take a huge financial toll on the patient, but the family members or care takers also feel the strain of the disease.

What to know when seeking SSD benefits for schizophrenia

Dealing with mental health issues, such as schizophrenia, is often a difficult task. In fact, many people in Wayne County, Michigan, as well as in the entire United States, have either experienced those difficulties themselves or a friend or family member may face such challenges. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration acknowledges the challenges that mental illnesses pose and; therefore, offers Social Security disability benefits to those who qualify.