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What does a Michigan Developmental Disability grant offer?

A developmental disability may be defined as any physical or mental disability or impairment that may affect a person from the age of five years or above. A developmental disability usually hinders the person's functional behavior and makes that person stand out among other people. A developmental disability may also make it extremely challenging for the person to find a job and become self-reliant because it impairs the person's cognitive ability as well as that person's ability to move in a normal fashion. However, the state government issues Developmental Disability Benefits through various grants.

Audit uncovers unusual SSDI payments

Most Michigan residents in the workforce understand that injuries are always possible on the job and that if they are severe enough working may no longer be possible. Fortunately, for these workers and for those whose disabilities are so severe that they would never be able to gain full employment, benefits through the Social Security Administration can allow them to meet basic living expenses. But what qualifies as a disability?

Resources are available for traumatic brain injury patients

Accidents are a part of life, and they happen every day throughout the country, including in Michigan. In the vast majority of accidents, injuries are slight and can be treated easily. Most victims recover quickly. Some types of injuries, however, are more severe and can grievously injure or kill those involved. Among the worst are those that leave a victim with a traumatic brain injury.

Social Security Disability Insurance denials can be appealed

Michigan residents who suffer from disabilities that make it hard to work still have bills and expenses just like everyone else. Not being able to hold a job because of a physical or psychological disability can make life extremely difficult. Fortunately, federal law recognizes that certain disabilities are beyond any individual's control and that everyone must be able to live independently while having their basic needs met. This is why the Social Security Disability Insurance program was established.

Social Security disability changes proposed by lawmakers

Many Michigan residents suffer from physical as well as mental disabilities that have led to unemployment or the inability to seek gainful employment. Of course, that can cause the entire family to struggle financially. For all such residents as well as their families, financial adversities are exacerbated due to expensive medical care needed for the disabled resident. Social Security Disability benefits awarded by the government may be beneficial for most of those families.