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January 2015 Archives

What should I know about the SSA's Compassionate Allowances?

Many readers may be aware that according to guidelines established by the Social Security Administration, people with a qualifying medical condition are provided for with Social Security Disability benefits. In order to expedite certain cases, the SSA maintains a list of qualifying conditions that are clear cases of disability. That list is known as the Compassionate Allowances initiative.

What's the criteria to expedite vets' Social Security disability?

People in Wayne and across the state who are returning from military service, or have relatives doing the same, will often have concerns if there were injuries or illness suffered while in combat. This can be an injury, a physical illness or a mental illness. The Social Security Administration is responding to public need by expediting the process through which Social Security disability benefits will be awarded. For those with 100% permanent and total disability, there are certain factors that must be in place to receive the expedited approval.

Concerns expressed over outside entities and disability claims

When people in Wayne and throughout Michigan are seeking to receive disability from the Social Security Administration, there are many issues that can arise to make the process confusing and difficult. With Social Security disability, the goal is to provide those who are eligible for benefits with the help that they require to make ends meet and receive treatment for their injuries and illnesses. However, there are circumstances that can grow troublesome when third party entities offer outside help to applicants.

Newly signed ABLE Act will help disability recipients

People in Michigan and across the country are often worried about how the amount of money they might have in the bank or in various savings accounts might affect their ability to receive the full amount in disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has certain rules in place for people who are receiving Social Security disability benefits. In the past, those rules have precluded people from saving money out of fear of having their benefits reduced or rescinded. A new law is in place to prevent that from happening.